The company SEREP Ltd. (Mariupol, Ukraine) was established in 1999.

The company's specialization is the modernization, re-equipment, major overhaul with prolongation of the service life of freight cars, including tank wagons suitable for the transportation of dangerous chemical goods and pressurized gases, as well as the production of LPG storage tanks and other critical steelworks.

The company has wide technical capabilities, necessary permissions and certifications for carrying out the listed works.

Currently the company owns a sufficiently powerful research and production complex. It includes production facilities, Technical Diagnostics Laboratory, Engineering and Design Department.

SEREP Ltd. is a member of Society for Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics.

Widespread implementation and application of methods of non-destructive control, including the method of Acoustic Emission (AT), allows us to achieve high efficiency and objectivity of control.

Acoustic Emission Testing (AT) makes it possible to maintain control of large-sized steelworks and to monitor works during the modernization of machine-building production; it determines coordinates of the developing defects in objects hidden under the insulation, as well as remote from the diagnostic complex on long distances.

The company employs qualified engineers, Candidates and Doctors of Engineering among them. With their participation, a set of normative documents in the field of technical diagnostics was developed for Ukraine and the CIS countries.

SEREP Ltd. is a modern compact enterprise having optimum personnel structure and equipped with all necessary equipment that allows to obtain low product cost and to quickly respond on consumers’ inquiries.

Today SEREP Ltd. works with the largest enterprises of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Estonia, with companies of Germany, Poland.