• LPG Filling Units

We offer to produce LPG Filling Units for the gas-filling stations or other applications in accordance with your order.

The package type includes:

- Aboveground or underground tank with volume 5-20 m3 (1 or 2 pcs. per 1 unit)

- LPG Dispenser (LPG filling unit also can be supplied without LPG dispenser according to order)

- Pipe manifold;

- Pump

- Speed Valve

- Nonreturn Valve

- Pressure relief Valves

- Differential Bypass Valve

- Strainer

- Manometer and Electrocontact Manometer

- Liquid-Level Gauge

- Ball valves

- Steel Frame

- Control Panel

- Canopy


Application of LPG Filling Unit

LPG Filling Units are designed for receiving, storage and filling the vehicles with Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

LPG Filling Units are designed for working under the following conditions:

- ambient temperature from -40 to + 50 ° C;

- relative air humidity up to 100%.

LPG Filling Units are able to operate during rain and snow.

LPG Filling Units are made in the modular full operational readiness type that provides term reduction of the introduction into service, improvement of the service and repair terms.