• Expert Inspection, Non-Destructive Testing

  • pressure vessels
  • equipment and facilities of thermal power, chemical and petrochemical industries, railway transport, lifting facilities and other critical steelworks

SEREP Ltd. performs expert inspection, technical inspection, strength calculations, Non-Destructive Testing of the following equipment and components:

- Pressure Vessels of industrial enterprises and enterprises in the energy, chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas industry;

- Atmospheric Tanks and Vacuum Vessels (including isolated vacuum cryogenic tanks);

- Tanks for chemical, petrochemical, oil refining industry;

- Freight Cars and Tank Wagons of various models;

- Critical products and other steelworks.

Examples of objects where expert examination and determination of residual life of the equipment have been performed:

• in metallurgy works on diagnosing rotary casting stand for continuous steel casting (502 tons) at the metallurgical plant "Azovstal Iron and Steel Works" (Ukraine);

• in mining – diagnosing of rock walking spreader OSHS-4000/125 (1123.7 tons) at Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Plant (Uzbekistan);

• in mechanical engineering - resource definition of cryogenic tanks of various volumes (CIS countries);

• in railway sector - expert inspection of tank-wagons for chlorine, ammonia, liquefied petroleum gas, amyl, liquid sulfur, yellow phosphorus and others (CIS countries).

Expert inspection is carried out to assess the technical condition of the object, determine the possibility, terms and conditions of its safe operation, as well as to establish the need for repair, reconstruction or decommissioning.

Expert inspection of objects is carried out in the following cases:

- closing of the designated service life;

- reconstruction (conversion) or modernization;

- after an accident or damage in order to determine the possibility of recovery;

- to identify defects of parts or elements exceeding the limits ​​at the time of inspection;

- in other cases, in accordance with the requirements of the normative documents or at the initiative of the owner.

Our company regularly participates in international conferences on non-destructive testing, support scientific and technical connections with well-known European research centers.