• Technical Diagnostics with the prolongation of service life

- steelworks

- pressure vessels, including freight cars

- mining equipment (bucket wheel excavators, walking spreaders, etc.)

- cryogenic vessels

The company performs technical diagnostics of equipment and facilities of thermal power, chemical and petrochemical industries, railway transport, pressure vessels, special purpose tanks and critical products and constructions by highly skilled specialists on the modern equipment, allowing to extend the safe operation of facilities, to evaluate the technical condition in overall, to find the most dangerous (developing under tension) types of defects, to avoid downtime.

SEREP Ltd. has its own testing laboratory of technical diagnostics, equipped with the modern equipment and certified for NDT methods (VT, UT, PT, AT). The laboratory has been also accredited to perform destructive testing (hardness measurement).

The staff of the testing laboratory employs highly qualified technical experts on industrial safety, specialists of II-III category in the field of non-destructive testing of various types, certified according to ISO 9712, EN 473, NPAOP 0.00-1.63-13.

The special place in the testing market is held with the method of AE control (AT), which, compared with conventional NDT methods, is the most reliable method for monitoring the technical condition of the metal construction in general, including weld seams, base metal being a part of bulky and not easily accessible complex structures. Acoustic emission testing allows to organize the monitoring of existing equipment (vessels, pipelines, loaded steel structures, etc.). Besides that, we have developed, got approved, implemented methods of technical diagnostics of the truck bolsters and side frames of trucks model no. 18-100, including those that have been used for more than 30 years, using the method of AE. Based on the results of AE control the service life of truck bolsters and side frames may be extended up to 5 years, and after this period, after AE re-testing new useful life period can be assigned.